Revolutions Naturopathic has teamed up with Wells Construction to relocate their current practice to 230 Blue Ravine Blvd in Folsom, CA. Opening later this month, the new 3,950 sq. ft. facility will feature new and updated MEP systems, slab-on-grade, structural columns, mezzanine loft, ceilings, restrooms, kitchen, finishes, and a new 1,524 SF fenced patio.

The Revolutions Naturopathic team provides expertise in a wide range of health needs including pediatrics, gastrointestinal issues, chronic disease, pain management, detoxification, women’s medicine, bio-identical hormones, menopause, weight loss, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental disorders. Treatments may include hydrotherapy, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy and bio-identical hormones.

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