Hiring Project Managers

We are looking to add Project Managers to our team. Please review job description below. If interested and qualified, please email resumes to wells@wellsconstruction.com


Job Purpose:

The Project Manager’s primary duty is to Manage Client and related team’s needs, expectations, and perceptions, including the daily details of assigned projects including purchases, subcontracting, changes and coordination of office/field activities during the construction period.




  • Reviews project proposal or plan to determine time frame, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing project, staffing requirements, and allotment of available resources to various phases of project.


  • Study and understand contract documents of each project to determine areas that may be ambiguous or present problems or result in unforeseen costs.


  • Establishes work plan and staffing for each phase of the project, and requests for recruitment or assignment of project personnel. Includes identifying the proper construction means and methods and identifying any and all cost saving methods.


  • Confers and oversees with project staff to outline work plans and to assign duties and responsibilities; delegates and verifies all work performed on a specific project.


  • Directs and coordinates activities of project personnel to ensure project progresses on schedule and on budget


  • Prepare and update as necessary the job progress schedule in coordination with the Job Superintendent.


  • Initiate subcontractor contract process, identify and write complete related scopes, check for proper competitive pricing and approve at completion.


  • Acquisition of major materials with the most competitive pricing.


  • Oversee and review submittals for competency and timely reviews and approvals and for the return to the suppliers and subcontractors to assure delivery of materials and equipment to meet the project schedule.


  • Write as necessary and review RFI’s for submission and review responses for competency.


  •  Oversee the document hierarchy and flow to ensure that all parties are receiving and referring to the proper project documents


  • Conducts construction activities within federal, state, and local municipal rules and regulations.


  • Inspect, identify, and resolve design, detail, and logistics problems with owners, architects, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that workmanship conforms to the proper specifications and schedules.


  • Attend owner meetings and either maintain or write the meeting minutes.


  • Prepare and analyze job cost reports to determine recommended action on overruns.


  • Review cost codes and approve invoices.


  • Confers with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems


  • Assure that proper jobsite documentation such as contemporary As-Built notations, Daily Logs, and photography is performed and logged on a consistent daily basis.


  • Actively assure and review jobsite safety conditions and procedures including assurance of proper logs and photography.


  • Assist and manage Job Superintendent and provide leadership, mentoring/coaching, and specific directions.  Communicate and track project goals, quality control, and help maintain good sub-contractor relations.


  • Estimate and submit timely change proposals to the architect or owner. Prepare change orders between the company and architect and subcontractors.


  • Review and prepare monthly owner billings for submission to the Accounting Department.


  • Oversee and ensure proper contract closeout, including reconciling the final subcontractor contract costs, punch list completion, and closeout package





Minimum 10 years Commercial and or Multi-Family Construction Project Management experience. Ground up experience preferred.  Must be computer literate in Microsoft applications. Must possess an ability to strongly lead, interact, and communicate in a professional manner with owners, inspectors, architects, subordinates, and others having a direct interest in the project.

Hiring Superintendents

Wells Construction is looking to hire Superintendents. If you are interested please email your resume to wells@wellsconstruction.com

Job Purpose:

The Project Superintendent’s principal duty is to properly supervise and document all on-site construction including scheduling subcontractors, resolving day-to-day problems on the job site, and inspecting all work during construction to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. Reports to the Project Manager.



  • Manage and lead the project field forces with superior leadership skills and attitudes.


  • Coordinate with the Project Manager to write, monitor, and adhere the construction schedule.


  • Anticipate, identify, analyze, and develop solutions to causes of disruptions and delays to project completion prior to the disruption or delay.


  • Assure that safety regulations are followed by company and subcontractor crews, including holding regular and special task safety meetings, tracking MSDS sheet availability, and regular safety job walks on a daily basis at minimum.


  • Have a thorough knowledge of the plans, specifications, and submittals for each project assigned.


  • Rigorously follow Quality Assurance and Control processes at all times, using the guidelines in the Procore Inspection tab; notate and  post in Procore to inform subcontractors of non-conforming work on a regular basis.


  • Supervise and direct that good housekeeping practices are observed and maintained by both Company crews and subcontractors.


  • Schedule and assist inspectors on their project reviews.


  • Keep the progress schedule current; update 3 week look-aheads on a weekly basis and review schedule status and job costs at least once each month.


  • Assure the project is secured at the end of each shift.


  • Prepare Superintendent’s daily report on Procore on a daily basis. Document in the report all T&M work at the end of each day of this type of work, attaching a sub agreed upon report. Including an abundant amount of project photos documenting global and specific project progress; includes photos documenting work just prior to covering.


  • Keep updated as-built job documents, immediately updating changes as they occur in the field.


  • Post incomplete work lists and pre-punch lists in Procore for subcontractors completion.


  • Maintain good relationships with inspectors, architects, subcontractors and other key people connected with the project.


  • Maintain close communication with the Project Manager on any unforeseen problems which may develop.


  • Write first draft RFI’s including all related mark-ups in Bluebeam as well as suggested solutions.


  • Setup the job office and equipment trailers and assure that permits, labor notices, safety rules and regulations and EEOC material are posted in a conspicuous place. In general strategically direct or coordinate the proper delivery timing and locations of onsite materials.


  • Maintain safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures and mandated rules and regulations.




5-10 years experience in scheduling, ordering, field supervision, quality control and production of commercial construction projects. Thorough knowledge of building construction, practices, codes and regulations. Ability to read and interpret architectural drawings, plans and specifications. Ground up experience a big plus.  A thorough knowledge of all trades. Leadership ability.